Gen Ed Process Clarification

Based on the final General Education Report approved in May of 2008. See final-gen-ed-report-may-1-2008. The following was decided:

  • The CWCC process will be used to determine if a new or revised course meets a particular competency.The CWCC forms will be revised to facilitate this process.
  • The OATSS group will oversee implementation of infusion at the program level.*
  • Courses should be listed for each competency they meet with no limit on number.For example, SPH 11 might be listed for Oral Communication, Critical Analysis, Humanities and the Ethical Dimension.
  • Students may use one course to meet no more than 3 competencies.In the example above, students would need to choose the 3 areas for which they were using the competencies.
  • In Social, Historical and Cultural Phenomena, a student may take no more than 6 credits in a single discipline, but students may take additional courses in that discipline as electives in their programs.
  • To avoid confusion in advisement, courses that have prerequisites should not be listed.
  • Technical Literacy and Information Literacy should not be combined.
  • Professional development on student learning outcomes should be offered to program coordinators and other faculty.
  • The petition process will continue to be available to students who seek to waive a curriculum requirement.

*During the Implementation Phase, it was decided that OATSS would approve the addition of existing courses to the General Education Competency Course List. It was also requested that after OATSS initial approval, it would be sent to the CWCC for  approval before being sent to the Vice President for Academic Affairs for final approval.

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