Trends in Learning Outcomes Assessment

Assessing Gen Ed Across CoursesIn its February 2016 report, the Association of American Colleges and Universities (AAC&U) summarizes key findings from a national survey among chief academic officers, and it explores trends in learning outcomes and approaches to assessing them.  The report,  “Trends in Learning Outcomes Assessment,” documents that many higher education are moving away from standardized tests and placing an increased focus on rubrics applied to student work samples as better evidence of students’ achievement of Essential Learning Outcomes.

Among the key findings reported:

  • There is a growing consensus on learning outcomes.
  • An increasing percentage of institutions assess students’ achievement of learning outcomes beyond grades.
  • More assessment is occurring in academic departments than in general education.
  • Most institutions that assess learning outcomes report using rubrics applied to student work.
  • Higher education institutions seem to be moving away from the use of standardized tests.

The full report, released in February 2016, may be found here:

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