BCC Educated Person

The General Education competencies are just one way in which Bristol Community College looks at to help develop our students into educated people. The college catalog defines the BCC Educated Person:

The educated person is aware of the important concepts in the arts and humanities, the natural and social sciences, as well as has knowledge of practical and technical skills. He or she never stops learning. The educated person has the ability not only to seek out information, but also to apply concepts to both eternal problems and to everyday life. He or she seeks out knowledge and uses it to improve his or her life as well as the lives of others.

The educated person has the necessary communication, computation, and technical skills to exchange ideas, to analyze concepts, and to solve problems. He or she can creatively explore the academic and the natural world with the self-confidence to question and to lead – while maintaining the self-discipline and responsibility required to serve and to share.

The educated person has achieved a sense of balance and strives to sustain body, mind, and spirit. He or she has an appreciation for the world around him or her, and the skills to make a positive contribution to it. He or she can evaluate his or her own thinking and change it, is open to diversity and embraces it, and can manage or cope with change and conflict. The educated person creates a life that is not only personally and professionally rewarding, but also enriches and enhances his or her community.

The following provide a more in-depth look at just what it means to be a BCC Educated Person:

The BCC Educated Person

Characteristics of the BCC Educated Person

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